The season of the Davis Library.

The season of the Davis Library.

Monday, September 29, 2014

35 Ways to Use Your Library Card:

1. See a new art exhibit.
3. Find a new hobby.
4. Enjoy a concert.
5. Empower yourself through home improvement: check out a book on learning how to fix that leaky faucet.
6. Learn how to self-publish – and market – your new book.
7. Learn a new language with audiobooks.
8. Search out tips for building your retirement nest egg.
9. Get new ideas for redecorating your house.
10. Borrow or download an audio book for your next road trip or commute
11. Trek to another planet in a Sci-Fi novel.
12. Hear a local author reading his/her latest novel.
13.…then research WWII espionage…
14.…then find a quiet spot to plug in your laptop and begin your own novel.
15. Broaden your world by checking out cookbooks of foods from other cultures.
16. Get ready for the SAT with online test-prep services. 
17. Explore new opportunities and research technical schools, community colleges and universities.
18. Learn about the history of your city or town.
19. Get involved – join your library’s Friends group.
20. Check out your favorite graphic novel.
21. Check out a pass to a museum.
22. Launch your future: Get free assistance with job searches, resume writing and interviewing tips. 
23. Use a library computer to apply for a job online or check out materials to help study for a certification exam. 
24. Research your term paper.
25. Get help with homework.
26. Download an e-book. 
27. Not sure how to download an e-book on your new device? A librarian can show you how.
28. Use a computer to finish a school project. 
29. Use free Wi-Fi.
30. Find love at the library: check out a romance novel.
31. Find a quiet spot, curl up with a good book and enjoy.
32. Talk mysteries with people who like mysteries, too, at a library book club.
33. Find the best resources on how to preserve that photo of your great grandmother.
34. Learn new knitting techniques and get new patterns. 
35. Borrow a fishing pole and catch some dinner!

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