The season of the Davis Library.

The season of the Davis Library.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Save the ILL Vans!

We don't have it, but we can get it for you- er... maybe.
As a tiny library with only 640 square feet and less than 6,000 volumes, we are in constant need of support from other libraries, and that requires the Inter-Library Loan! If you want a book we don't have, we look it up in the state library database, click some buttons & the book magically appears on a Friday at our van stop, which is the Hancock library. (We are too small to get our own stop!) Then Kelly (or a nice volunteer) goes to Hancock, gets the book & brings it back & calls you.

If the proposed state legislature succeeds in “taking the funds from the Inter Library Loan vans and using them to fund other programs” there will be ONE VAN for the ENTIRE STATE of NH, which would effectively end the Inter-Library Loan service. Period. For everyone.

Some facts (via the State Library website & other NH librarians):

  • More than 800,000 items are transferred annually via the state ILL vans
  • The ILL program is one of the most widely used services in our libraries.
  • The vans are funded directly by a Federal grant, and not by state tax revenues.
  • The average cost to move a book/video/cd, etc. is about 44 cents.
  • The average cost to purchase that item is about $20.
  • a typical book would cost around $3.15 to send via USPS

NH State legislature is threatening the demise of this service.
The Davis Library and many other small rural libraries like it are in danger of losing a valuable and in fact necessary service. In addition to individual people being able to request specific books from other libraries, we also rely on the ILL service for the Book Club books, either through the Reads-to-Go bags, the State Library's Book Bag Program, or just asking for piles of books on short notice (which I've done twice in the last 2 months). We would never be able to provide these services by ourselves.

Here's what you can do: Sign the petition. Write your story.
Come into the library and sign the petition or print a petition form, sign it & put it in the mail to us:
Davis Public Library
PO Box749
Stoddard, NH 03464

or to the State Librarian:
Michael York
State Library
20 Park Street
Concord, NH 03801

In addition to your signature, if you have any good stories about how the ILL is awesome & saved your life/puppy/marriage/etc, send those to either address above or emailed to the Davis Library:

or to the State Librarian:

All statements & signatures must be in by November 15!

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